Adler makes "3D Web"

1 person 1 Virtual Universe

Let everyone live as their true self
in the virtual universe

Every business starts with space, and the 3D Web offers a space opportunity that goes far beyond the physical. 

You can occupy a space of infinite size, limitless visual impact, and at an overwhelmingly low opportunity cost.

Adler is on Series A round

Adler's initial target is Artist

3D feed at your fingertips

With the choice of an image and a theme, create a space of your own. Scroll in all directions to explore the infinite stretch of space.

Familiar yet new

Text and voice chat, as well as free movement mode. Familiar features are made easier, social features are fresh and new.

Creator Studio 

Offers elaborate editing and insights dashboard. Search for 3D items on OBJECT LIBRARY.

Adler’s tech makes 3D easy

Fast 3D

Adler Engine
with 1-second load time

Even if your internet is slow and your device is low-performance. Access without installing an app.

Convenient 3D

XRML, 3D language 
based on HTML 

We have created XRML markup language 

based on HTML syntax for developers. 

Because it should feel easy for the people creating it.

Simple 3D

Look up with keywords, 
3D Search Algorithm

Returns immediate results like 2D image files,

by matching 3D models with keywords.

Adler in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris

Adler participated as the main technical partner at 2022 Focus Paris, held at 'Carrousel du Louvre'. 
We provided global artists with new and immersive VR space to showcase their artwork.

World's first 

3D real-time Ad <Get Control>
in Times Square NYC

Adler Adler developed Fastest, Lightest 3D Engine.
Even we can upload virtual universe to Times Square.

Adler breaks the stereotype that 3D can only be used indoors with a heavy device.
With Adler, you can enjoy the immersive experience of 3D in real time, widely and quickly. Even on the street.


Investors with foresight are on board with Team Adler

Adler is on Series A round


Team Adler is determined for growth and a better tomorrow



Aug.     Adler Inc. is established

Sept.    Raises 390 mil. KRW from angel investor


Feb.      Launches Alpha version
              Raises 500 mil. KRW in seed funding

Apr.      Alpha ver. reaches MAU of 25,000
             Develops proprietary Three.js-based engine

May      Alpha ver. supports VR devices
             Reaches 1,000 influencer users on Alpha ver.

July      Signs MOU with blockchain company 'BLOCKO XYZ'

             Signs MOU with blockchain company 'Krust Universe'

Aug.     Launches Beta version

Sept.    Participated as the main technical partner at '2022 Focus Paris', Caroussel du Louvre
             Raises cumulative investment of 2.7 bil. KRW


Apr.     v.2.0.0 to be launched

May     Participated as the main technical partner at '2023 Focus New York', Chelsea Industrial, Manhattan
             First-ever 3D real-time Ad in New York's Times Square



June    To participate in Artist Junhong Min’s exhibition at Korean Culture Center, Paris

CEO : Sejin Han   

Address : 2nd floor, 25  224-gil Nambusunhwan-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul         TEL : 02.874.6182

Addr. Seoul, Korea ㅣ Biz License 772-88-02469