Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of collection and use of personal information

1. Send notifications about Adler services

- Information on service advance reservation, service launch information, and service update information

2. Utilization in marketing and advertising

- Adler-hosted event information, Adler cooperation event information, Adler advisory group recruitment information, Adler experience group recruitment information

3. Provide marketing information

- The company may provide applicants who have agreed to this marketing utilization agreement in the course of service operation with various information through e-mail, SMS, push notifications, etc. 

2. Items of personal information collected

Name, Contact, E-mail address

3. Personal information retention and usage period

3 years from the date the applicant consents to this marketing use agreement or until consent is withdrawn

※ You may refuse to consent, but if you do, you will not be provided with notifications about Adler services and marketing and advertising-related information.